Every moment should be a moment


So many of us want God moments. Notice I said us; I am including myself in this as well. We live a moment based society were every moment needs to be instagramed, facebooked or tweeted. If we cannot capture the moment we wonder if it even happened.

I struggle a lot with living in the moment, but I am currently in a season in my life where I have to do exactly that. I have become a lot more mindful of what I say and what goes on in my mind. I’ve pretty much surrendered those little details of my life that I often overlooked or brushed off as quirks, and I’ve given them to God. Things such as time management, thinking before I speak, things that I use to think were cute, God said “not really”. He pushed me to realize that every area and every detail of my life matters to him because he wants to be my everything. He wants to be and deserves to be glorified in every moment and every area in my life. The best part in all of this is that God didn’t force me to do this, but in response to his grace and mercy( which is awesome), he revealed it to me. It has to taught me to be mindful of details, to be alert, awake and ready to do his work at all time.

Matthew 5: 13-16 talks about believers being the salt and light of the world. That remaining in the father will preserve ones saltiness, and that we should shine our light for the sake of our Lord. :). What I came to realize where my issue lied, was that I would dim my light to preserve my energy because I thought God would want me to use my energy elsewhere, or what if he called me to something bigger? I was also fearful of losing my connection with him. Looking back on my thought process, I can now scold myself and ask: “what was I thinking?”

As I get ready to enter the work force starting August 5th, I realize that this season of reflection and living day by day intentionally for the Lord is necessary. I cannot expect change overnight, but I can put my faith in the Lord’s strength, his omnipresence, his unfailing love, his grace and his mercy to take me from glory to glory.



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