Mark, the common man gospel

So, can I be honest, again? I find the gospels to be quiet boring. I know as a believer how important it is to study the life of my Savior, but that was my problem,or so I thought. I started my journey of reading through the New Testament in a year, and I dreaded walking through the New Testament because I thought that I could get nothing out of it. I was looking for a heart turning, pity-party starting, bible verses that would make me cry. I wanted a gut punching conviction, but instead I’ve received something better. I have met my humble Savior.

Matthew: 11:29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

In this selfie generation it is so easy to bring that into your relationship with Jesus and mask it as humility. I can search the Word and find a verse that would leave me a red-eyed mess, but would that lead me to repentance or a crushed spirit? God, does not want our repentance to lead us to a crushed spirit instead it is a chance to turn to him, learn from him, and acknowledge that he knows best. The gospel that illuminates this best is the gospel written by Mark.

A companion of Peter, the target audience for Mark are uneducated gentiles. One might take a look at this description and get offended by the title, but let us not let our idolize of education get in the way of grasping the beauty of the gospel.

The gospel of Mark opened my heart to new ways of living sacrificially, laying down my life, and what true compassion means.

During those days another large crowd gathered. Since they had nothing to eat, Jesus called his disciples to him and said, “I have compassion for these people;they have already been with me three days and have nothing to eat. If I send them home hungry, they will collapse on the way, because some of them have come a long distance.”: Mark 8:1-3

This passage is about more than just a miracle. It is about our Savior showing compassion, that led to action. He didn’t allow pity to enter his heart, instead he allowed his passion and compassion to meet, and it followed him all the way to Calvary.


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