Dream with Me

I have never been one to take transitions well. It was a major struggle for me to get use to a new bed every year in college.

I have taken a major(hopefully permanent) “break” from coffee and social media. It has been rocky, but very beneficial. I am starting to become the women God has called me to be, and I can only chalk that up to boundaries and remembering who I serve.

What first started out as a purge from distractions and anxiety, has turned into a beautiful revelation. It was revealed that I added so many things to my walk with God to make it more “beautiful”. I needed my garden to look like everyone else’s; this the line that I told myself constantly. If I had listened closer and sooner, I would have heard God say:

” My daughter”, create with me, dream with me, dance with me. Let us, build this garden together.”

Admire the garden of others, admire how they dream with the creator, but do not add tulips to your garden when God wants you to plant white roses(my favorites)! Dream with him, plant with HIM.

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